KORAL Power Corporation

Study, development and promotion of off-the-grid projects.

Power to Power
Produce your own energy.
Power to Fuel
…and your own fuel.
Power to Mobility
Boost your mobility.


We define the XXI century as the time when technology is at the service of people.

We offer you to go off-the-grid in a simple, cost-effective and sustainable manner.


We put our knowledge and expertise at the service of each of our clients. We devise a future and build it just as we devise our 21st century business concept.


We develop the KRL System based on:

– Individual analysis of the generation-consumption systems.
– renewable source energy production.
– Management of surpluses by turning them into H₂ fuel for later reutilisation.
– Maximum energy efficiency.
– Profitability for the end-user.
– Energy independence.
– Sustainable. KRL System is Climate Neutral.


We aim at reaching every individual user or enterprise offering them the possibility to take part in our ideas by adopting the KRL System. At present, we have:

– the Housing and  Small Industry programmes devised for individual users and small industries.
– the Power to Fuel and Power to Mobility 
programmes aimed at large industry and the mobility sector.
– Shortly, we will add the Fuel to Power
programme to our portfolio, oriented to large producers/consumers of energy.


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